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Healthcare for retired serving personnel

Retired serving personnel lose access to healthcare when they retire. Given the substandard nature of conditions of service after retirement, the moral question for debate is ” should Ex Serving Personnel continue to benefit from military healthcare? Share your thoughts and opinions.



william wordsworth

01 January 2015




05 January 2015

I think and appreciate it very much if they would be provided with free health care services. They have risks their live to protect the country. At least health care is one of the most essential issues in life. If that could be provided for ex service men and women after they leave the army as a sign of good work it will be good. But I feel ex service men and women are not treated with no dignity and respect after they left the army. This happens in the case of one of my platoon mate whose legs were amputated due to diabetes. After she was discharged from no one bothers to care. Something should be sone even to just provide just a free health care services for ex military personnel would be good at least this shows at least they have done something for the country and they have been recognised. My Dad who passed away in 2011 and was a World War 11 Veteran, was the Secretary General of the SLESA for years. When he feel ill the army could not provide no help into his health care plan. Even those who have gone before him who had served in the army was the same thing. Something has to be done to make that changes and it has to start from us. In the UK a lot has been done to provide free health care and accommodations for ex service PERSONEL.

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