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Myohaung Day Celebration

It has been an age old tradition to celebrate Myohaung Day in most of British West Africa. Should it be replaced by a local campaign that memorializes the lives or heroes in local wars? Share your thought an opinions.



Capt. JAY SANU SESAY (Army Medical Corp)

05 January 2015

Myohaung Day Parade should stay as it is. This is recognised in most west African Countries all over the world. This is in recognition of the Myohaung War. So why change it now. Sierra Leonean Service men did well in Burma War, Kalandan War and also Cameroon War which my dad was one of the Soldiers that went to Burma one. So please let\'s continue with that as per tradition and keep the fire burning in those who lost their lives during the war memories.



02 January 2017

I believe celebration of Myohaung Day should continue. This is an event that should never be replaced.

The Executive Council

  • Francis Ken Josiah Chairman
  • Matthew Kamara Deputy Chairman
  • Phillip Forbie Secretary
  • Alimamy Kabia PRO
  • Jaiah KaiKai Legal Officer
  • Amadu Keita Organizing Secretary
  • Taqi Kamara Global Market Manager
  • Juana Lukay Treasurer
  • L M S Turay Chairman of the Advisory Board
  • Desmond Henry Global Project Manager