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Should military service be mandatory?

Should military service be mandatory in Sierra Leone? Share your thoughts and opnions



Capt. JAY SANU SESAY (Army Medical Corp)

05 January 2015

No I done think at this moment that military service should be mandatory in Sierra Leone as at this moment I don\'t think we are equip or ready for such huge task. Financially and morally we are not yet ready. We should really focus on maintaining the morale of the army at present before embarking on such project.


Etienne Pourrier

05 January 2017

I agree that the morale of the existing serving men and women should be upheld, but I also think that military service should be mandatory for the following reasons; -When the rebel war erupted in our beloved country, the initial assessment made by Ibrahim Babanjida, (the then Nigerian head of state) about our army, was that we had too few fighting men, as well as obsolete ordinance. Putting it in numbers, the army had less than 1,000 fighting men. The soldiers who were at the tip of the spear will tell you how brutal it was fighting with such minimal human and material resources. Having more men and women trained in the art of war and equipped with modern weaponry will add to the fighting force of the country, and will definitely reduce the type of carnage we saw in the rebel war (rated as one of the most brutal in the history of insurrections, even by special forces like the SAS). -Also, there are too many hungry organizations and countries out there ready to plunder and even annex our country because of our numerous resources. For example, at some point in the history of our country, Sekou Toure of Guinea intended to claim Kono as a territory of Guinea. In fact I believe that there is a Sierra Leonean territory that is in the hands of the Guinean government...I heard this from the grapevine, so please don\'t lambast me for that statement. The point I am making here is that we need several fighting forces on the alert to protect our territorial integrity, which will of course include our resources. -I am going off at a slight tangent here, but in addition to making military service mandatory, I also believe that every man in uniform (specialist or combatant) must receive full military training to increase the number of fighting men. Secondly, to protect their respective units if those units come under attack. In the US marines, for example, every marine is first of all a fighter. When I watched a documentary on the SAS recently, the Medic on reconnaissance patrol with the other combatants was also a sniper. The two examples stated here demonstrate that any soldier caught in the middle of a battle should not be an impotent spectator, must in addition to whatever specialties he has been trained, fight alongside other soldiers who are primarily combatants if the situation demands it. I agree with you totally about initiating and sustaining morale, but morale alone is not enough. Morale must be established in tandem with mandatory military service if we are to have an army that is capable of protecting our territory and citizens.

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