Chairman’s Message

Rtd.Capt. Ken Josiah

I have never felt an ounce of regret for choosing to serve in the Army of the Republic of Sierra Leone at the height of one of the bloodiest civil wars in history. It was my choice as much as it was my patriotic duty. Like many of my colleagues, I answered the national call to protect and defend the lives and property of my fellow citizens, at a time of need. My colleagues and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to save lives, defend many communities, and facilitate the safe resettlement of dislocated villages and towns.

The Civil war led by Charles Taylor and Foday Sankoh in 1991, took the youthful lives of many of our military  colleagues, members of the Special Division of the Police and civilian volunteers. It also left many of our service men and women, including innocent civilians, psychologically traumatized and permanently injured. We cannot negate the truth, that we served our nation with our lives, energy and free will. In the process we incurred the loss of friends, families, colleagues and key infrastructures in the country.

Efforts by government to rebuild a post war nation comes with a lot of prioritization, given the limitation on national economic resources.  The Sierra Leone Ex-Service Personnel Overseas recognize the burden of a recovering economy and the inability of government to solve all the problems of all its citizens. We are also aware of the economic burden our veterans and their families have to go through under these circumstances.

We are privy to the most common challenges and insecurities facing our veterans as they transition out of active military service. Most veterans and their families have to contend with inflation rising faster than pensions, unemployment, homelessness, irreparable disabilities, widowhood, single parenting and orphans. Like all our members, we are still a part of the same fabric of our national society. While it may be extremely difficult to respond to the needs of all our veterans overseas and at home, we recognize that collectively, we have the ability to contribute to the development and welfare of our members and colleagues all over the world.

As an Ex Service Personnel, I feel a strong sense of moral obligation to continue serving the nation in any capacity worthy of value. This is the same sentiment I share with my fellow members of this organization. As spelt out in our mission statement, the Sierra Leone Ex Service Personnel Overseas seeks to ensure that members resident overseas actively engage in collaborating, and collectively providing support for fellow comrades.

Thank you for very much for visiting our web page and hope you support our efforts.

The Executive Council

  • Francis Ken Josiah Chairman
  • Matthew Kamara Deputy Chairman
  • Phillip Forbie Secretary
  • Alimamy Kabia PRO
  • Jaiah KaiKai Legal Officer
  • Amadu Keita Organizing Secretary
  • Taqi Kamara Global Market Manager
  • Juana Lukay Treasurer
  • L M S Turay Chairman of the Advisory Board
  • Desmond Henry Global Project Manager