Date:16 November 2014

“OUR PEACE KEEPING TROOPS ARE ACTIVE AND PROVING WELL” Freetown, Sierra Leone, October 14, 2014 – The Commanding Officer of Joint Medical Unit (JMU) and Head of the 34 Military…..

British plan to send 3,000 UK troops into Sierra Leone

Date:19 October 2014

Thousands of UK troops would be sent to Sierra Leone to enforce a military lockdown under radical plans to defeat ebola being considered by Britain’s most senior Army officer. General…..

Stop Deploying Sierra Leonean Troops in to Somalia

Date:19 October 2014

Act for Somalia is receiving many representations from concerned Somalis, both in the Diaspora and in Somalia itself, about Sierra Leon troops who will be deployed in Somalia as part…..

Somaliland Fears an Outbreak of Ebola

Date:19 October 2014

There is growing fear that Ebola which is a dreadful disease that is rife in the West African States may spread to Somaliland. Mohamed Haji Abdirahman is among the Guurti…..

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The Executive Council

  • Francis Ken Josiah Chairman
  • Matthew Kamara Deputy Chairman
  • Phillip Forbie Secretary
  • Alimamy Kabia PRO
  • Jaiah KaiKai Legal Officer
  • Amadu Keita Organizing Secretary
  • Taqi Kamara Global Market Manager
  • Juana Lukay Treasurer
  • L M S Turay Chairman of the Advisory Board
  • Desmond Henry Global Project Manager