Stop Deploying Sierra Leonean Troops in to Somalia

Act for Somalia is receiving many representations from concerned Somalis, both in the Diaspora and in Somalia itself, about Sierra Leon troops who will be deployed in Somalia as part of AMISOM and the possibility of these soldiers spreading the deadly EBOLA virus throughout the region.

Out of the latest contingent planned to arrive in Somalia, one person has tested positive already and the entire contingent is now being quarantined in sierra Leone for 21 days which represents the incubation period of the virus.

As Somalia has no public health system, it does not have the resources to deal with an outbreak of ebola, however small, and so we will be reminding the UN, African Union and the Somali Government how disastrous it would be if ebola were to spread to Somalia.

Already some of the Somali National Army officials are assuring the public that no infected soldiers will be coming to Somalia and they and the government are urging people to stay calm.

The Executive Council

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  • Matthew Kamara Deputy Chairman
  • Phillip Forbie Secretary
  • Alimamy Kabia PRO
  • Jaiah KaiKai Legal Officer
  • Amadu Keita Organizing Secretary
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