Our vision

Our vision is to muster financial resources from institutions, philanthropic individuals and Ex-Service personnel abroad who are sympathetic to the plight of our retired colleagues. Our focus will be directed to those wounded in action, those struggling with permanent injuries and disabilities, including the families of our comrades killed in action. Many of the retired personnel we seek to assist served our country during the civil war.  Our ultimate goal is and will always remain to return them back to a life of dignity consistent with their honorable services.

Our Mission

To raise funds through mass appeal, host fund raising activities and solicit contributions from members of the organization as prescribed by a vote.


Our Objectives

To use donated funds to provide desperately needed financial and emotional support to our retired colleagues, families of those killed in action, and those suffering form post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who are usually prone to violence. In the short term, our focus is on funding programs to support the following;

1. Education (Traditional and vocational)

2. Select community development and social relief

3. Healthcare for needy veterans and their immediate families




The Executive Council

  • Francis Ken Josiah Chairman
  • Matthew Kamara Deputy Chairman
  • Phillip Forbie Secretary
  • Alimamy Kabia PRO
  • Jaiah KaiKai Legal Officer
  • Amadu Keita Organizing Secretary
  • Taqi Kamara Global Market Manager
  • Juana Lukay Treasurer
  • L M S Turay Chairman of the Advisory Board
  • Desmond Henry Global Project Manager